Squaver P1

Semi-modular, audio controlled analog synthesizer.

Using our proprietary chip the Audio Controlled Oscillator already grants you many benefits, but when you add PWM, VCF, expression pedal inputs and foot-switches this analog synth turns into a performance craze.

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729.00 $

Please note that we are in pre-order phase now! We expect to ship products in May 2017.

Product description:

Offering one ACO with it's square and sawtooth waves mix, the Squaver P1 pulls the whole analog audio - synth - CV performance together. Along with two envelope followers that can be assigned to either the VCA, PWM or the VCF and still have all the important CV ins and outs on the front panel.

The input preamp is powerful and clean with +40dB gain to accommodate electric instruments as well as dynamic mics. Two input filters can be used in cases help with pitch detection is needed: a switchable 2 pole HPF and a sweepable 4 pole LPF. One expression pedal is assigned to the input's LPF for "riding" its cut-off frequency in such cases where a fix position LPF might limit the players pitch range. The 2nd expression pedal input can be assigned to either the VCF cutoff frequency, octave CV or harmony CV via the Expression destination 4 position switch as well as to any other destination via it's dedicated "Exp CV" output. The ENV is generated from an ENV follower that can extract the dynamics from the main audio input and a second ENV follower extracts dynamics from the side-chain audio input.

Both the main input and side has their thru jacks for chaining an infinite amount of synths together for a multi voice synth chain. An ENV amount knob can determine how much you want to mimic the input dynamics from 1:1 to a completely flat response or completely reverse the ENV. ACO CV inputs for octave and semitones are accessible via front panel knobs and stereo minijack for easy arpeggiation from external CV sources like analog sequencers and LFO's. Two foot-switches "ACO CV In on" and "Side-chain on" give you real-time control over activating the arpeggiation CV inputs and engaging the alternative ENV follower input instead of the main input's ENV.


  • Single ACO design
  • Plays analog synth along with the input audio
  • Extracts gate, pitch, envelope and trigger CV from input audio
  • Mix knob can blend between square and sawtooth waves
  • 40 dB gain range on the input preamp (high impedance)
  • 3 thru jacks for daisy-chaining multiple units and record source directly
  • Side chain input to feed the 2nd ENV follower
  • Ring mod audio input will invert phase at the audio frequency
  • LP, BP / HP, 12 / 24db/oct resonant filter with CV input control
  • 9V battery operation or standard 9V pedal supply
  • Dual 4 charecter LED meter shows both the main input level and the side-chain input’s
  • Total of 3 audio inputs, 5 CV outputs and 6 CV inputs

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