Started in 2015 by Brian Kaczynski and Noam Lavi, Sonicsmith

designs and manufactures electronic musical instruments and devices for sound synthesis, processing and music production.


Sonicsmith team

Our Mission

Based in Krakow Poland, Sonicsmith set out to design, manufacture and sell innovative music production and synthesis devices. Sonicsmith is now offering a range of 3 analog synthesizers controlled entirely by audio and CV.

Officially established and registered in 2016, Sonicsmith is currently producing 2 products which allow the analog audio world to talk directly to analog synthesizers without the need for any computers, processors or digital protocols. The 3rd product is a more of a traditional, VCO-based analog synth purposed to enrich any modular synth environment.


Meet our founders

A story about an American electronics engineer and an Israeli music producer who met in Krakow Poland.

Brian Kaczynski


Brian Kaczynski is an American electronics engineer and solid-state artist with a keen mind for music and sound manipulation. Having over 15 years of experience in chip design (ASIC), he invented and began developing the Audio Controlled Oscillator around 2010. Being one of the original founders of Sonicsmith, he later left (October 2018) to focus on his semi-conductor business.

Noam Lavi


Noam Lavi is a guitarist, sound engineer, composer and producer for acoustic and electronic music. Started playing guitar around 1993 and started making Electronic music a couple of years later. Studied sound engineering in Tel Aviv 1996. And participated in multiple collaborations with different artists.