By: Noam Lavi

ConVertor E1 Firmware 1.0 is out!

It’s finally time to roll out firmware 1.0 right ahead of the long awaited 2nd batch of ConVertor E1’s. Existing ConVertor E1 owners can download and flash the new firmware, and enjoy a plethora of new improvements & features, some of them are promised and some might surprise you 😉 Here’s the list: That’s it.…

ConVertor E1 console view
By: Noam Lavi

E1 System update and shipping

It’s been longer than I ever feared and it’s now time for a more official shipping ETA. What was going on and what to expect? If you are on our mailing list, you might have gotten my update email by now.Here is the email roughly with minor updates: Hello everyone!It’s been quite a long time…

By: Noam Lavi

The invisible upwards compressor

The ConVertor E1’s input compressor is actually a new kind of analog, upwards compressor. When you hear “upwards compression” you probably think about mixing the dry signal along side the same old, attenuation-based compressed signal. Personally, I think that in this case, calling it “upwards compression” is misleading because it’s not the compressor that is…

About the auto-gain and compressor of the ConVertor preamp
By: Noam Lavi

The upcoming Eurorack E1 series!

Sonicsmith goes full Eurorack with the E1 series After more than 2 years of development, the upcoming ConVertor E1 is not going to be just a long-awaited import of the ConVertor ACS into the Eurorack format. It’s literally a total redesign in every possible way. Designing a product from the ground up is a long…

By: Noam Lavi

The musical benefit of ENV followers CV

Playing back modulation CV from your DAW doesn’t have to include purchasing a special DC-coupled interface or special software. I will share 4 free Ableton Instrument Racks to help you modulate, trigger and sync your synths as easy as they’d be plugins. All you need is audio outputs and ENV followers. A few classic synths…

ENV followers to playback CV