It’s been longer than I ever feared and it’s now time for a more official shipping ETA. What was going on and what to expect?

If you are on our mailing list, you might have gotten my update email by now.
Here is the email roughly with minor updates:

Hello everyone!
It’s been quite a long time since my last update.
I want to start with a warm thank you for all your patience and belief in the project.
Some of you are waiting longer than 2 years for your products and mainly those who paid for Hex Pack and Septa packs such as the my very first customer who pre-ordered an E1 product.
My long silence was enforced on many levels. Mostly because I did not know when is a good ETA to make public. I was communicating with many customers by email but was never confident like I feel today. The project was held in difficulties ranging from physical mounting screen size fitting, chip shortage and delayed prototypes. There was also a high rate of units (already shipped) which had A-GAIN inconsistency and that is part of our hardware upgrade we have done. I also had to change the lead engineer for personal reasons to the previous one who actually invented the algorithm: Brian Kaczynski. I admit that I have learned a lot about project management to be fair but I’m never letting this shipping go until fulfilled. All uC chips have already arrived and it’s a pure matter of software wrap up. The project had to be fragmented to finishing the ConVertor E1 firmware 1.0 first, and only then wrapping up the MIDVertor code.
I’m also doubling down with the quantity of manufacturing batch to increase my own stake in the system’s future. All thanks to your support.

So the new ETA is:
Single ConVertor E1 pre-orders will start shipping again by end of Aug,
MIDVertor E1 and related products like Duo Packs and Hexpacks / SeptaPacks all ETA to ship by Christmas.
We are getting a lot of great work done and harness new fire to get this project to an epic delivery.
Of course when the ConVertors E1 start shipping I reserve your rights to get the ConVertor shipped right away and later, get the MIDVertor on a separate shipment, paid by me. However thankfully a lot of you understood the difficulties and the benefits of testing them together so I promise you a delivery like no other.

Thank you for supporting us!

-Noam L.