When you hear “side-chain” input you probably thinking of that common pumping effect of today’s dance music.

But unlike the side-chain input of a compressor, our “S. Chain” input’s ENV follower (AKA “level detector”) is not permanently routed to the VCA for the purpose of attenuation.

Of course you could use it to get that pumping effect of a compressor’s side-chain but in our synths, that Side-Chain (AKA S. Chain on our front panel) can be routed to any other synth destination just like your typical ENV CV or in our case: separate than the 1st input’s ENV follower.

The reason for this article is that we see many people using the side-chain just like I personally would had I was given the same

In the next simplified flow diagram you can see the way we set up the switch between the 1st input’s ENV and the 2nd (side chain) input ENV.