Pre-order your synths now

Aside from being the first major breakthrough in interfacing musical instruments with analog synths since the 50’s, multiple musicians who have demoed our synths agree that they sound great! And they’re easy to use too – do you need a better recommendation?

Now you know you want them, but why not just wait till our synths start to ship on a daily basis? After our pre-sale period we will be switching to distributor sales and plan to discontinue our web store, so we can only guarantee that customers who pre-ordered before April 30 will have their synthesizers shipped in May. This means that if you decide to order after the last day of April, you may have to wait until your local distributor carries the Squaver P1 and ConVertor in order to purchase them.

And finally, we are now accepting credit cards and can process transactions in USD, EUR and PLN, so it’s easier than ever before to buy your new synthesizer and enjoy it as soon as next month.

Ready to order? Make it happen here.