E1 Duo Pack

The Duo Pack joins a MIDVertor E1 with the ConVertor E1‘s for centralized individual remote control and translation to the outside world via a two-way high speed digital connection. Pitch tracking at its finest, human control, and features with digital communication far into the future. Shipped together pre-mounted on a unifying plate, pre-patched with the 4-pin header connection, and pre-configured, they act just like a single “super-synth-channel”, ready to plug and play.

Pre-order open for production batch delivery at the end Q2 2024 / beginning of Q3.

720.00 $

ConVertor & MIDVertor combo
ConVertor & MIDVertor combo

Product description:

United by our 4-pin header digital connection, those two Eurorack modules make up the ultimate synth channel. Convert anything from audio to PITCH, ENV & GATE CV's, 1V/octave pitch output and a 1V/octave pitch input, Sustain to freeze pitch and/or other functions, expression pedal input can be automatically switched to expression function. Internal DCO can work as Audio Controlled Oscillator/VCO+preamp mode. Connect any number up to 7 units to add polyphonic operation, Parallel Audio to merge MIDI (MIDI 2.0 ready), audio to MIDI conversion, via ultra-fast custom firmware. compression and optional full synth voice with presets. Switchable to work in VCO mode where the pitch will be controlled from either 1V/oct pitch CV in while preamp stays independent with the ENV extraction.

4 pin header cable, pre-patched, MIDI to up to 6 VCO's, and CV's polyphony combinations are possible via Sonicsmith bus high speed, bi-directional control, and modulations. Preset recall & modulations for up to 7 parallel ConVertor E1's at once. Sustain pedal input can momentarily control freezing pitch or other momentary functions. SD card for future and optional firmware updates. Easy flashing of all firmware via mini USB connection. That means one MIDVertor can flash all connected ConVertor E1's firmware, conveniently with one connection, so there is no need to screw out the panels to access flashcard individual Connected devices.

Optional expansion options, both in hardware and in software, are available like connecting up to 7 ConVertor E1's to one MIDVertor for polyphonic operation and MIDI processing. Firmware 1.x is planned and will get a lifetime of updates within the 1.x series of the firmware. Firmware in the 2.x series can be purchased to upgrade the internal sound engine to include full synth voice features like a sub voice, PWM, 3 LFO's, VCF, osc sync, ring mod, and many future enhancements with the same lifetime updates in the 2.x future.


  • Studio-grade preamp, with +50dB auto-gain, sw. HPF, Hi Z, and analog compression
  • Audio-to-CV PITCH, ENV & GATE with FM 1V/oct CV input
  • Audio-to-MIDI with customizable MIDI behavior
  • Internal DCO can work as VCO while preamp stays independent, retaining ENV extraction
  • MIDVertor main-frame can connect to up to 7 E1 modules for remote unified control
  • MIDI-to-CV and the internal DCO’s of up to 7 ConVertor modules in parallel
  • Preset recall for up to 7 parallel E1 modules at once
  • Sustain pedal to freeze pitch or other selectable functions
  • SD card for future updates or upgrades
  • Optional Firm 2.0 upgrade will enhance both modules to operate as a full synth voice
  • Tweakable DIY via its open-source code
  • 12 HP width (6 cm) with 4.3 mm max depth
  • 12V Eurorack powered, draws up to 250mA from the +12 rail
  • Reverse power chord protected,
  • Audio input with auto-gain-limiter and our new “gain-compression
  • DC/DC protected audio/CV ins&outs

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