MIDVertor E1

Modular digital expansion module / musical mainframe.

This 6HP Module can digitally translate data between a ConVertor E1 and the outside MIDI synths. While turning the ConVertor E1’s Pitch, ENV & gate, into MIDI commands, it adding a few functions of its own. It can enhance the performance of up to 7 ConVertor E1’s in parallel. Its sustain pedal input can either freeze pitch &/or ENV, activate its internal arpeggio and other, future parameters. Planned features of firmware 0.9 include remote preset switching, synced arpeggio, parameters recall, modules grouping, modulation routing and more.

Pre-order open for production batch delivery at the end Q2 2024 / beginning of Q3.

320.00 $

Eurorack mainframe


Product description:

Translating a ConVertor E1's pitch, ENV, gate, and giving you MIDI output. Up to 7 parallel ConVertor E1's can be connected at one time for remote preset switching, arpeggio, sustain pedal, and polyphonic operation via our newly developed, parallel high-speed, "Sonicsmith bus" which runs on a 4-pin header connection. the ConVertor E1 can connect to the corresponding port in the MIDVertor E1 and become a remotely-controlled single voice or grouped together with other connected ConVetor E1's for a larger, polyphonic synthesizer. The digital pitch stream on the Sonicsmith bus is 16-bit so is MIDI 2.0 ready. Tailored from the ground up for the ultimate in efficiency, speed and stability. High attention to detail makes this a professional musician tool that performs functions of a few modules right out of the box saved/recalled from presets for a "plug and play" live performance.

After connecting the 4-pin header connection, the MIDVertor auto-detects which device is connected to either of its 7 "Sonicsmith bus" connections. Immediately offering MIDI output from the audio input of the ConVertor. Arpeggiation to any connected ConVertor E1 is also available and will arpeggiate the MIDI out as well as arpeggiate the ConVertor E1 SYNTH outputs. When more than 1 ConVertor E1 is connected at one time, the user can unify the ConVertor E1s into groups that will unify their operation regarding preset switching, sustain/expression pedal modulation, arpeggio and more. More E1 series modules maybe coming in near future for shared presets/routing.

The MIDVertor is an open source code device that invites DIY programmers to tailor a custom Firmware if more or fewer features are desired. Also, its device mini USB connection can help with preset management and firmware updates remotely to one or more ConVertor E1's at once, saving time with polyphonic group updates.


  • Perfectly reflecting the ConVertor E1’s audio input via MIDI control out to external synths
  • Fastest, most accurate, audio-to-MIDI translator to date with 16-bit pitch word that is MIDI 2.0 ready
  • High speed micro-controller can accept up to 7 Sonicsmith bus in parallel as a poly-group
  • Sustain pedal input that will be reflected in the MIDI out as well as control the ConVertor for pitch freeze.
  • MIDI behavior tweaking incl. MIDI channel out, pitch-bend range, velocity response, and ENV output via CC or after-touch commands
  • Arpeggiator will be able to arpeggiate the ConVertor synth engine and MIDI outputs with preset MIDI patterns
  • Sonicsmith switch presets remotely to any connected ConVertor E1

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